Welcome to Rochester NY

If you are moving to Rochester, NY… welcome!

You may have chosen Rochester on your own or you’re being moved here by an employer. In either case, you will be happy to know that Rochester, its towns and suburbs, and the surrounding Finger Lakes region are truly wonderful places to live. A few claims to fame include a low cost of living, excellent public schools, affordable housing prices, and a high ranking as a great place to raise a family (Forbes 2010, Kiplinger 2012). Most recently, Rochester ranked 39th for Best Places to Live in the USA (US News 2017).

However, no matter how far or nearby you are coming from, relocations are challenging. Moving requires an enormous about of time, energy and investment. Finding your way in a new area, locating the amenities and services you need, and making new friends is time-consuming and difficult. The worst thing that can happen is you spend all that time, money and energy, and either you or your family members are unhappy and don’t want to stay. Believe me, in any relocation, once things start to go bad, it’s really hard to turn them around.

ROC Relocation provides Pre-Arrival, Arrival and Settling In Services customized to each client’s unique needs and desires. Having personally moved 27 times (4 countries, 11 cities), I know first-hand how much stress and uncertainty there is in relocation, and how long it takes to feel settled in a new city. I also know what it’s like when a relocation fails. My goal is to be your guide, to come alongside you at any stage in your relocation adventure, offering assistance and guidance. I will connect you with the resources, people and services that will help you acclimate easier and feel at home faster.

In domestic corporate relocations, companies make an average investment of between $20,000 (renter) to $90,000 (homeowner), depending on the specifics of the relocation package. It’s worthwhile for all parties to do everything possible to ensure the success of that relocation. Utilizing ROC Relocation’s services allows the employee to focus on the business and the new job responsibilities instead of being distracted with time-consuming local research and legwork. If the employee has a spouse or partner, ROC Relocation can come alongside him or her to help them orient themselves, find satisfying employment, continue treasured hobbies or make connections with like-minded people.

Whether you are an individual, a family or a corporation, I welcome the opportunity to help you or your employee through this crucial transitional time.

Contact me today to discuss your specific needs (585) 402-1295 or at holly@rochester-relocation.com.






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